Credit Transfer

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Photo by Jennifer Lu, Y-VISP Peer Liason 2015-16

Course requirements and credit transfer

Y-VISP students take 4-5 courses in a semester at Yale, and they transfer the credit earned in those courses back to their home institutions. In many cases, their coursework at Yale can satisfy major requirements at their home institutions, and in others, the coursework satisfies electives, which allows students to explore subjects outside of their major area.

Y-VISP credit transfer policies are specific to the student, to their major departments, and to their home institutions, and students should work with their home institutions prior to coming to Yale to ensure that they fully understand what is expected of them.

Yale Transcripts

All Y-VISP students receive an official Yale transcript following the completion of their experience, which will be used for their home institution’s credit transfer processes, and must be submitted upon pursuit of any graduate study in the future. Please note that all official Yale transcripts are sent directly to the Y-VISP Liaisons at the partner institutions, following the completion of the student's experience, and liaisons will distribute the transcripts to their students. If students need official transcripts beyond the copy that they receive from the program, they can contact Yale's Registrar's Office directly in order to request an official transcript.