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Y-VISP partner institutions determine eligibility criteria for their students, so prospective Y-VISP applicants should refer to their home institutions about their eligibility for the program. In general, Yale is seeking students in their third year of undergraduate studies and who are in the top 10% of their class.  


The Director of Y-VISP communicates directly with partner institutions about exact dates and deadlines, but Y-VISP generally follows this timeline:

Y-VISP Admissions Timeline*
August Y-VISP application forms and requirements are sent to partner institutions
August through December Y-VISP partner institutions conduct internal selection processes, which generally require application forms, letters of recommendation, essays, in person interviews, and a resume
January Y-VISP partner institutions send top candidates’ applications to Yale for consideration by the Y-VISP Admissions Committee
January/February Y-VISP Admissions Committee conducts Skype interviews with qualified candidates
February Y-VISP Admissions Committee selects Y-VISP cohort to study at Yale
February/March Invited Y-VISP students are notified and asked to confirm their acceptance to the program
March through August Director of Y-VISP communicates with confirmed Y-VISP students about arrival, academics, and living at Yale

*Some variations of the above timeline and processes occur for the students who study at Yale for only the spring semester.


Y-VISP application requirements generally include the following items, though some variations may exist among institutions. The Director of Y-VISP communicates with partner institutions about their students’ Y-VISP application requirements, so students should consult their institutions for exact application requirements.

  • Y-VISP Application
  • Y-VISP Personal Statements
  • Y-VISP Faculty Recommendations
  • Y-VISP Coordinator Recommendation
  • Academic Records
  • Resume