Y-VISP Student Life

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Y-VISP students will have access to a range of extracurriculars. In the past, Y-VISP students have participated in the following:

Working on Campus

Y-VISP students' J-1 status allows them to work on campus up to 20 hours per week (each week) when school is in session and full-time during holiday and vacation periods. In the past, Y-VISP students have worked in a variety of Yale offices and departments, such as:

  • Residential College Butteries
  • Spanish and Portuguese Department
  • Sterling Memorial Library
  • Research positions with various Yale faculty members

Summer Opportunities

Past Y-VISP students have taken advantage of Yale's abundant resources and have received summer internships in a variety or industries and sectors, including, but not limited to; business, government, NGOs and non-profits, tourism, communications and marketing, film, technology, and others. Through Yale, Y-VISP students have participated in internships in locations around the world, including: Louisville, Kentucky; Hollywood, California; Beijing; Singapore; Hong Kong; Boston, Massachusetts; New York City; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Kampala, Uganda; Sitka, Alaska; and more.

Quote: [Yale's] amazing environment of extracurricular activities and cultural experiences inspires the students, and inspires me, to pursue their talents and to search for different ways to improve the society.

Marcela Taborda Stolf
2013-14 Y-VISP student
Jonathan Edwards College, Geology Major, Unicamp