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How Do I Connect with Y-VISP Alums?

As a Y-VISP alum, you're part of a large alumni network which spans the globe. Below, you'll find information about what our Y-VISP alums are up to now, and how their Y-VISP experience shaped their path.

  • Take advantage of the Y-VISP LinkedIn group (Yale Visiting International Student Program - Y-VISP) to network socially, professionally, and academically. Don't have LinkedIn or looking for some advice on which alums you might want to reach out to? Many alums responded to the survey that they are willing to be contacted, so send a request using the contact form and we'll help you connect.
  • Regional Y-VISP ambassadors plan social activities and help make Y-VISP alums aware of regional Yale alumni events. Check out the Y-VISP regional ambassadors page to find your ambassador. Ambassadors always appreciate alumni support, so reach out if you want to help them plan events or have ideas.
  • Cross Campus can help you stay connected with students and professors you met while at Yale. Create your account and make sure to put "Y-VISP" and the year you participated in your about section.
  • Connect with one another on the Y-VISP Global Network Facebook group.

Where are they now?

What are they doing?

Y-VISP alums pursue graduate studies at schools such as Yale University (the top choice grad school among Y-VISP alums), the University of Chicago, The University of Edinburgh, and many other universities. Are you intersted in pursuing graduate studies? We recommend that you consider connecting with alums from your home university studying at your school of choice, but Y-VISP alums are also willing to connect. Connect on the LinkedIn group or send a request to connect with an alum studying at the school you're interested in using the contact form.

How did participation in Y-VISP affect alumni academic and/or career development?

"Gave me a more holistic and multi-disciplinary perspective of not just literature, but the humanities and sciences. Made me appreciate the roundedness of any given subject. Also got to learn about topics that I wouldn't have the chance to back at home." -NUS, 2018-19

"The variety of courses at Yale College allowed me to experience a liberal-arts model that strengthened my ability to learn both deeply and widely across a diverse set of disciplines. This ability to pick things up quickly, research with verve and ambition, and burrow as necessary to bring myself up to speed has helped me immensely as a consultant. Moreover, the cultural exchange in understanding racial, sexuality, and gender dynamics in Campus in the US during my year has helped me shape a lot of my career goals in working to eradicate discrimination in public policy." -Tec de Monterrey, 2015-16

"Being a part of the Y-VISP programme definitely prepared me to assume greater professional and academic challenges since it taught me to engage with an international community of scholars and thrive in a fast-paced academic environment.

Thanks to my experience as an international scholar at Yale, and the coursework I undertook there with distinguished professors in the field of Medieval Studies, I was able to secure a prestigious scholarship to study my Master's degree at a top university in the UK. After successfully graduating, I was hired to work as part of a research cluster in a German university, where I am starting my PhD.

I still cherish the friendships I made at Yale and remain in contact with fellow Y-VISP members to this day. Eight years after having completed the programme, I can say that the friends I made at Yale continue to be a source of personal and professional inspiration. We have formed a tight-knit community after this shared experienced and we continue to mutually help each other grow and succeed in our own endeavours." -Tec de Monterrey 2012-13

"Y-VISP has had a huge impact on both my academic and professional career. After my year at Yale, I returned home with improved writing and analytical skills thanks to Yale's courses in philosophy, political science and creative writing, and graduated with top honors in law. Y-VISP has also fostered in me a strong connection to the United States. Because of my experience at Yale, my law firm selected me to work at their Washington DC office for half a year with their international trade department. I was able to get my bearings around Washington quickly as Yale sponsored us there on a field trip. During my secondment, I met up with a few of my roommates at Branford College, and studied and passed the New York bar exam. I am now an attorney at the Hong Kong office of a large US law firm." -The University of Hong Kong, 2015-16