Y-VISP Alumni Ambassador Role

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About the Y-VISP Alumni Ambassador Role

Volunteer basis: The ambassador position is voluntary.

Term limits: Ambassadors will serve for two-year terms. Ambassadors may serve up to two terms, consecutively or non-consecutively. If there are five or fewer alums in their region, they may disregard the term limit, but should still solicit interest once the two-year term is up.

Number of ambassadors per region:

  • If alums are split across a country with more than five hours by car between regions where alums reside, sub regions will be created.
  • One ambassador per every ten alums in a region or sub region.

Ambassador selection: Once the term is up, an ambassador moves to a different region, or the ambassador is no longer able to perform their duties, ambassadors will solicit interest from alums in their region to serve as the next ambassador. If there is a lot of interest, they may opt for an election, otherwise, they may choose the next ambassador(s).

If there are no longer alums in that sub region, or the number of alums decreased and multiple ambassadors are not needed, the position does not need to be filled at the end of the term.

CIPE check-in: CIPE will check in about once a year with each region’s ambassador(s) to see what events they have planned and get a brief summary of the events that have happened and how many people attended.


  • Ambassadors will organize one or two social events per year per region in regions with a sizable group of Y-VISP alums. These should be kept relatively simple, as no budget is available. They should count the number of attendees at each event.
  • Ambassadors may help facilitate professional networking between alums and/or current Y-VISPs as requested (anticipated to be very occasional).
  • Ambassadors may be requested to assist with Y-VISP recruitment efforts at a partner institution in their region, if they are available to do so (not anticipated to be more than once per year, only in regions where there is a partner institution). 
  • Though being a panelist will be open to all alumni, ambassadors may be asked first to be on virtual alumni panels for the Y-VISP mid and end of semester workshops. These panels will be organized by CIPE, and three alums overall would be needed for the panels.
  • Ambassadors will keep a list of alums and their email addresses for their region and/or sub region and update this list as needed. They will communicate with these alums about events they organized, as well as let them know if there will be any events organized by the regional Yale Clubs.
  • Ambassadors will occasionally (about once a year) let CIPE know what events they’ve done, any outcomes of these events, share photos, etc.