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Photo by Lauren Perrino, Y-VISP Program Manager

Y-VISP Orientation (Academic Year, Fall only, and Spring only students)

Partner institutions organize in-country orientations that are specific to each institution. Additionally, Y-VISP provides a virtual pre-departure orientation and an orientation upon arrival to Yale. Students MUST arrive on the first day of orientation (the stated arrival day) and remain for the entirety of orientation. Orientation dates are in your acceptance letter, and these dates can also be seen in the Yale Calendar with Pertinent Deadlines. It is your responsibility to make sure that you buy a ticket to arrive on time for orientation, so you should reach out to the Y-VISP program if you have any questions regarding the dates before purchasing your tickets.

The Y‐VISP orientation in New Haven is a required activity for all Y‐VISP participants. Students should review the orientation schedule carefully prior to their arrival.