Support for Y-VISP Students

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In addition to Y-VISP-specific resources, Y-VISP students have access to a variety of resources and support available to all Yale College students: 


Yale provides tutoring in a range of academic subjects and in a variety of formats, from drop-in sessions and one-time appointments focusing on a single assignment to long-term assistance in a particular course of study. While tutoring programs differ in scope and arrangements, they are alike in that they are all available to Yale College students without charge.

Writing Center

The Yale College Writing Center, a unit of the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning, oversees several programs that can help students improve their writing.

Peer Liaison Program

Yale College Peer Liaisons are upper level students who help connect students to the programs and services of Yale’s cultural and community resource centers.

Cultural Affairs & Centers

Yale's cultural centers house student organizations and provide space for meetings, plays, art exhibits, and parties. They foster a sense of cultural identity and educate people in the larger community. They also act as optional social centers and community bases for students of a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Intercultural Affairs Council

The Intercultural Affairs Council strives to support an inclusive and diverse campus environment that: engages in community dialogue; promotes cultural awareness, respect and appreciation; and challenges bias on the basis of race and ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, social class, or other distinction. 

Chaplain’s Office

Yale Religious Ministries (YRM), convened and supported by the Chaplain’s Office, is a University council of professional clergy and laypersons representing the more than 30 religious and spiritual traditions that constitute an important part of Yale’s diversity. These advisors and their groups provide valuable spiritual, moral and cultural support to Yale students.

Office of LGBTQ Resources

The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Resources can help students connect to others in the community and learn about Yale’s LGBTQ social, cultural and academic programs and events.

Resource Office on Disabilities

The Resource Office on Disabilities coordinates accommodations and services for students with disabilities, and provides general information about campus‐wide access for persons with disabilities. Services include, but are not limited to, classroom and special testing accommodations, visual materials in alternative formats, and loans of special equipment. If you are a student with a disability, contacting the Resource Office on Disabilities is a required first step in the process of obtaining disability‐related accommodations. Registration with the Resource Office is confidential. Contacting the office during the summer months is encouraged.

Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education (SHARE)

SHARE is available to members of the Yale community who are dealing with sexual misconduct of any kind.